Best Quinoa Bowl Recipe

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Best Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Quinoa or Quinoa is a member of those superfoods consumed in increasing amounts due to its nutrients and the flexibility of the recipe. Furthermore, this dish is an excellent option to pack in a Tupperware bag to work or school, as it can be consumed cold, provided you select meat that can be consumed without heating, like chicken. Once cooked, it can be used in cold dishes.

Best Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Best Quinoa Bowl Recipe

Have you ever tried quinoa bowls? In DoramasMp4, we show the user how to prepare a simple quinoa bowl. Make sure to try this recipe. You can prepare this recipe using chicken and other vegetables. Let’s cook!

2 diners 30m Main dish low difficulty
Additional Features: Cheap Cost, Popular in Spring-Summer, Not at all Spicy

Ingredients for making Quinoa bowl:

  1. 1 cup of Quinoa
  2. Water containing 480 milliliters (2 cups)
  3. Fresh lettuce leaves with 4 leaves
  4. 200 grams of chicken cooked in Milanese or Fajita
  5. 50 grams of tortilla strips
  6. One cup of cooked chickpeas
  7. 1/2 cup of cooked whole beans
  8. 1 kernel of corn
  9. 1 carrot
  10. 80 grams of cheese grated
Quinoa bowl

Quinoa bowl

How do you prepare a Quinoa bowl?

  1. Are you wondering how to make Quinoa using vegetables? To begin this quinoa bowl recipe, you must first clean the Quinoa with an incoming water flow to thoroughly clean it. Then, cook with 480 milliliters of water (two cups of water) for about 15 minutes until water is consumed. Next, let it cool, then store and cool.
  2. In a pan, cook the oil, then fry the chicken—season by adding salt and spice according to your preference. When the chicken is cooked, you can reserve it.
  3. Cut the veggies that are still raw. Chop the carrot and lettuce into thin slices or grated.
  4. Then you can begin assembling the bowl of fruits and vegetables. To start, create a base with lettuce and Quinoa. Then add the chickpeas and prepared beans.
  5. The corn, the chicken that has been cooked, and the cheese, carrot, and then finishes with some fried or baked tortilla strips. You can now take a bite of this chicken quinoa salad!
Prepare a Quinoa bowl

Prepare a Quinoa bowl

What do you think of this new twist? Let us know in the comments.

Quinoa bowls that are healthy and nutritious, as well as other ingredients. The process of making Quinoa using vegetables is easy. What would you think if you decided to add a little dressing of your choice?

If you are a fan of spicy foods, you could add Macha sauce, and it will look great with the flavorful tang of the bowl of Quinoa. Another ingredient you could use as a substitute for cheese is, in this instance, you can use panela cheese, goat cheese, panela cheese, and double cream cheese. If you are a fan of sweet flavors in your foods, you can include blueberries, apples, and grapes. Make this recipe and mix it with the ingredients you enjoy the most. Quinoa is a great bowl to eat every day!

Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa Bowl

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